Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I'm annoyed today that I couldn't get anything done at rehearsal because they were so amused with themselves. They just wouldn't be quiet.

I'm tired because I had to be to school early this morning for our Distinguished School Award visitation. They came in to observe me teaching poetry and they had nice things to say. Lunch time was costume ordering and then a luncheon where the department chairs had to talk about how great our school is. I'm weary.

I'm perplexed because I have a thin, deep bruise on the underside of my right arm that looks like purple marker. Who bruises her armpit? I don't even know how one does that. Really?

I'm hungry.

I'm a little bit afraid because when I go home tonight I'm going to have to clean for Henry's birthday party. I don't think I have it in me. E's going to want me to do something like standing up and I'm going to whine complain and it's going to become a thing. *sigh*

I'm wondering if I'm going to make it through my dance show that's in four weeks. That seems like an eternity. I'm basically rehearsing six days a week from now until the last week in March. While I am at it, I am wondering if I'm going to make it until E graduates from law school in May. And then just for good measure I'm wondering if I'll make it until he takes the bar in July. Lots of wondering.

I'm dreading tomorrow. All day at the district office in a meeting and then back to school for rehearsal until 5:30. Then a birthday party. Then cleaning up after a birthday party. Then getting up and having a Friday.

I'm missing my kids and E a lot this week. We haven't been very good at doing our homework for Retrouvaille. I'm pleased that he is notably committed to making things work, even when I'm acting like a goob. Me too when he's a goob. It's still good. The English teacher in me wants to get our homework done though and not quit. I want to make it until the end and give this program all we have.

I kind of can't wait for next year when I'm done with dance. I'm going to miss certain kids, but I am not going to miss the month before my show when the rest of my life has to go away. I'm glad I'm at the point where I can just be Mrs. P the English teacher and go home at the end of the day and not worry about what anybody's mommy has to say about how I run a dance program.


Whew. I feel better. I have to sit here for 21 more minutes and finish supervising this rehearsal and then I can go home. My whole body is sore from teaching choreography today. Oh, sorry. That last gripe just slipped out.

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