Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cozytown, Population: us.

I want it noted that I make my children wear real clothes when they go out of the house. Well, mostly. I try. It takes some convincing. And sometimes I have to hold them down. And sometimes we go to Winco and we look like crazy people.

The monkeys are incapable of wearing anything but PJ pants or sweats once we're at the house for longer than 20 minutes. Henry just disappears and comes out wearing whatever he found in his dresser, or worse, the dirty laundry hamper. I know I previously mentioned his affinity for his animal PJs, but it goes much deeper than that. Nobody around here can stand their work/ school clothes any longer than they are required to wear them.

I know I started this. I own it. Perhaps it was because I had a job that frequently requires sweat pants, but the kids have it in their heads that the minute we walk in the door, they've got to strip away whatever remains of the outside world and get cozy.

Tonight's pretty tame... Buddy's in his Thomas the Tank Engine Peej. Hang on. Are those toes not the CUTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN? I can't help myself when it comes to those toes. They're like wide eyed Disney puppy holding a fluffy bunny while adopting a kitten and singing a song cute. Look at them. That's bliss right there.

Ad is being way too normal. Don't let her fool you. This girl is the worst offender. She hates real clothes. Give her an elastic waistband and some soft fleece and she's in cozy heaven. She's about to go off track from school and descend into full cozy hibernation.

Gee, I wonder where they get it from.

Oh, and this. I hate socks. Feet are supposed to be bare, as God intended them. It kills me that I'm wearing socks right now, but you would be too if you'd gotten the heating bill I got last month. As Hank would say, wowie zowie. So I'm rockin' the Walmart Sporty Spice cozies and a pair of thick socks. Did I say I hate socks? Is it summer yet?

This is a marked improvement. 2004-2007 were the years of the "leggies". At least I got them to start wearing pants.

Hope you're cozy tonight.


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