Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chatting with Henry Bobenry

(watching "Chopped" with me, E, and Ad)

Ad: When I grow up, I think I want to be a chef and be on "Chopped" too.

Henry: Ad, we can't really do that because we can't get in the TV.


(later this evening)

Henry: Dad, I love your shirt, and I love you (over E's shoulder, to me) and I love you too!


(looking at my ipod--at a picture of the cover of the Monsters, Inc. Soundtrack featuring Mike and Sully, the main characters)

Henry: Mom, which one is Ink?

Me: What? INK? What are you talking about?

Henry: You know, "inc". Which one is the Monster, and which one is "inc"?



Love. that. kid. SO MUCH! Omigod. *(contented) sigh*

Tomorrow morning I head to sunny Riverside! Yay for the California State High School Mock Trial Competition!

You may or may not think this makes me weird, but I'm looking forward to a) a plane ride, b) a free trip, c) a really nice hotel room, and d) an academic competition. NERD ALERT!

Peace out.

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