Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caviar Wishes, Burrito dreams

I am dreaming about burrito bowls right now. Isn't that glorious? I'm a Chipotle addict. Geez. It's embarrassing. One has not lived until he has tasted the ambrosia that is the Chipotle black bean carnitas burrito bowl with sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo and guac. Like, omigod.

So I used to just go there all the time, and then the Bestie had to show off and start making burrito bowls at home. Why didn't I think of that before? It's not like this is rocket science. And it is probably the thing I cook most often for myself now. It also works great with leftovers--whatever meat you have left from the night before? Put that in your bowl and... eat it.

Right now I'm mentally assembling my burrito bowl for dinner. Already.

This is what is key to the burrito bowl: you make it using whatever you have. And then you set it all out on the table and everyone who eats with you makes his or her own bowl. And then they love you because they are essentially eating only what they like. It's infallible.

The other awesome thing about it? Gluten free. Gluten-free E loves burrito bowls. And I can usually get the kids to eat some kind of thing that grew out of the ground if I make these. They are win-win.

Burrito bowls


Rice (Plain ol' white rice. you can be fancy and make Mexi rice but that takes effort, which I do not have. Plus white rice is yummy.)

Can of beans (ANY. I like black, but you can use pinto, refried, whatevah.)

Can of corn (Mexi-corn is the best because it has little peppers in it, but plain is cool. If you're all white-bread about your corn.)

Meat (see below for more about meat)

Shredded cheese (mmm. cheese.)

Sour cream (lurve!)

Salsa or taco sauce (I like the green one because I can use it in Chicken Tortilla Casserole)

Avocado? Tomatoes? Green chilies? Olives? (Whatever is on hand.)

Directions: cook meat, cook rice. Pile food. Eat.

A word about taco meat:

You can just brown some ground beef or ground turkey. I do this a lot. With some onion, usually. But that's kind of boring. So here's how my mom always made the chicken for chicken tacos and I love it mucho. (You can do this to your ground beef too. And people will act like you're fabulous, and you can claim to have invented it.)

Taco meat a la Mary: Cut up your chicken breasts (2-4) into small chunks. Cook in a small amount of oil with half an onion, chopped. Add some garlic, pressed. When chicken is white, add one can of tomato sauce. Add taco seasoning and chili powder to taste. Taste for me means a lot of both. I like it zesty.

I promise to put up a pic after I make all this tonight. I didn't think you'd want a pic of me sitting at my desk at work looking all peckish and gaunt. :)

Hey man. It's nothing fancy, but it tastes like heaven on a bun. I mean on a plate. I mean in your burrito bowl.


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