Thursday, February 05, 2009

Timeline of infectious things at my house

Friday night (last): Henry starts barfing, barfs all night

Saturday: Henry barfs all day, says ear hurts too. Lots of laundry, hand-washing, and cleaning up whatever he ate and then un-ate.

Sunday: Everybody crosses fingers and hopes they don't puke. Henry sounds like he's forcing himself to cough for attention

Monday: Henry has a mysterious fever, it goes away

Tuesday: Everybody seems fine after some fake coughing in the morning on Henry's part. We all go to school. That night Henry wakes up crying three times (hysterically, I might add), Addie wakes up twice and tells me her ear hurts.

Wednesday: Addie says she can't go to school because her ear hurts. I keep her home so she can get checked out by a doc before we leave. I want Hank to get checked too. Addie starts barfing, barfs all day. Can't go to the doctor because she's not portable.

Thursday: Doc's appts for the ears. Results TBA.

I am so scared I am going to get sick this weekend!

ETA: no ear infections, no more signs of barf... whew!

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