Monday, February 16, 2009

Ten things I'm thinking about right now

1. I have two things I need to focus on and write. I hope I can get them done now that my house is de-cluttered.

2. I need to update my debt-reduction/ savings plan.

3. I wish I had remembered to bring home those essays. Grades are due on Friday so I'm going to be doing them all week instead of today when I have nothing to do.

4. I love the smell of a freshly scrubbed bathroom.

5. Henry is such a weirdo. He only wears PJs now, and most of the time it's those monkey PJs he is wearing in their music video. I had to hide them from him today so I could wash them. This meant he changed from last night's PJs into his Mario PJs as daywear. I give up.

6. Addie did all her homework for the week this morning. What a smartie. Not that I'm biased or anything. I can't believe she's learning antonyms, fractions, and how to write a paragraph. What's wrong with the dorks I am teaching in high school? They can't do half this stuff.

7. I think I need to get out my Monty Python's Final Rip Off CD. It's been too long.

8. Monday night TV just makes me wish for Tuesday night Fatties.

9. I'm almost 30. Things are looking up too.

10. I want to travel. Now.

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