Friday, February 27, 2009

Speaking of Pirates

I have a Disneyland story for you. Yesterday's post about E and his pirate dreams reminded me of this. Now just FYI, I lurve Disneyland. Love, love, love, love. Pretty much at every stage of life, and with anyone who I have ever gone with, it has rocked my socks. I come from a long line of Disney appreciators, so I am fulfilling my destiny and carrying on the family line.

It all started when I was small (four, maybe?) and we were driving down to Disneyland as a family. My dad likes to mess with people, so he made sure I knew that under no circumstances was I going to be admitted to Disneyland unless I was smiling (hello, it's the happiest place on earth?)... my little four-year-old self thought that meant I needed to start smiling in Sacramento, so I smiled for the duration of the ride...

That same trip, I was terrified of the Pirates of the Carribean ride. It was dark when we were waiting in line and so I let my fear get the best of me. Never fear, Dad to the rescue. He told me that if I got scared, all I needed to say was "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, matey!" and the pirates would leave me alone because they would think I was a pirate too. I thought that sounded like a good story, so as we boarded the boats and took off past the Blue Bayou restaurant (you know, the calm part with the fireflies before you get to anything at all) and my dad said he heard a little voice next to him saying "yo ho ho..."

I still love that ride. (And it still freaks me out a every time I go down the first waterfall.)

More Disneyland stories... many more. To be continued.

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