Wednesday, January 14, 2009

irony: incongruity between expectation of a reality, and what actually happens

What I want to do tonight:

  • Go home
  • Sit on couch
  • Nap (for a while)
  • Watch Top Chef
  • Eat a delicious dinner
  • Do several loads of laundry
  • Find my sink under all the dishes
  • Grade a ton of papers
  • Take a hot bath
  • Go to bed early

What I will really end up doing:

  • Go home after I stop at the district office
  • Waste time watching Oprah
  • Waste time on computer
  • Waste more time playing Word Challenge
  • Separate fighting children
  • Distract fighting children
  • Negotiate a cease-fire and subsequent peace treaty between fighting children
  • Break off Optimus Prime's legs when I can't figure out how to transform him correctly
  • Make something great for dinner that the kids won't eat
  • Ignore box of papers that need grading
  • Waste more time because it's only 6:00 and I can't go to bed yet
  • Completely miss the kids' bedtime, then rush to get them to bed quickly
  • Go to bed late then find myself unable to relax or sleep
  • Waste more time watching West Wing re-runs so familiar that I don't even have to face the TV or have my eyes open to follow
  • FINALLY go to sleep about 12

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