Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking Back

I like to look through my old photos on the computer and try to see what I was doing a year ago on the same date. The closest thing I had from last year was this video of Hank talking about his Legos:

Not too exciting. I'm sad the pirate shirt doesn't fit him anymore though. It was actually Ad's and Eric and I bought it (I think) in Hawaii for her. It's one of my favorite things that both of them have worn.

But I digress... The year before (2007) we were at Lindsey's wedding right around this time. See, I forget what we do and how long it has been. We have a picture of Addie as a flower girl up on the wall at home, but that seems to me like it happened six months ago or something. Time passes so quickly in some ways.

So here are some more lovely pics from that day. :) It was fun.

Aunt Cathy helping Lindz get dressed while Addie looks on...
Addie and cousin Josh dancing on the steps:Hank and Grandpa Ed at the reception (Buddy looks so young!): Me and Addie Roo:

So other than looking at old pictures tonight I'm making salmon stir fry with Korean teryaki sauce (we'll see how that goes) and enjoying some family time. Should be a good start to a good week. Positive thoughts. :)

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