Sunday, January 04, 2009

I always stop at stop signs.


Not because anybody is watching me, or I might get a ticket, but seriously, how are you gonna not stop? How could I expect other people to stop for me, my kids, my dogs, if I didn't stop myself? So I have this to say to the dude with two kids in the back of his light blue Explorer turning right from Springhurst on to North Camden at approximately 10:30 this morning who did not even pretend to slow down:

You suck.

I'm sure you want people to stop for your kids if they're playing in the street and not paying attention. I'm sure you'd be upset with a ticket. You should be ashamed of yourself. I know I'm not perfect--soooo far from it (and I feel it's worth mentioning here that awesomeness does not necessitate perfection)--but that just ain't cool. Stop signs are awesome. Stopping is awesome.

Rant over. Now for something completely different.

The sun is shining and everything seems kind of sparkly and beautiful today. Perhaps it's all in my overwrought little brain, or maybe all the frost from last night melted and there's a gleam. Either way, it reminded me of this song by Iona that I first heard at improv at Ballet Mag in Mississippi in 1999 and later danced to at OTDC. Appropriate, no?


Today the grass is greener
Than I have ever seen
Today the sky is bluer
Than it has ever been
And today my heart is beating
Like I've never felt it beat
And today flowers are growing
From the ground beneath my feet

Today my hope is stronger
And the vision's clearer
To walk in love eternal
The path that takes me nearer

And to You the music's playing
Like it has never done
And to You my feet are dancing
Underneath the sun

In You I live
In You I live
In You I live and breathe

It's going to be a beautiful year.

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  1. I can't say that I always stop at stop signs, because, well - that'd be a lie. However, I always come to a full-and-complete, wait-longer-than-I-need-to stop in your neighborhood, since that's where I got the ticket. Stupid jerk, mean, fat, doughnut-eating cop.