Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Secret Dancing

I've been avoiding even looking at the pictures in my camera from Christmas. I think I was afraid that there would be a picture of me in the background on Christmas morning looking pitiful and I know how much effort it took for me to not break down that day. And I know I've been not bringing cameras anywhere I go with conscious effort because I don't want a visual record of how much I struggle all the time right now.

But anyway, tonight I decided that I'd check out what I had on the ol' memory card because it's good for me, and I found something I had already forgotten.

Right before we left for Grandma Lila's on Christmas Eve, I heard the kids laughing and dancing in the front room. I ran out and managed to get ONE picture of them before they got embarrassed and wouldn't do it anymore. But I thought they were so appropriately dressed for the occasion and they were trying to be so formal. Ad had on a bracelet, a fancy gown, and her handbag was slung over her shoulder. (The whole handbag thing with her is a topic for another post.) Henry in his vest and tie? To die for.

*breaks from posting to kiss Henry's finger because he STAPLED it*

Speak of the devil... found this one in there too.

My little man. He helped me make a casserole tonight and redeem myself after last night's crap-tastic black bean soup. He wouldn't eat the casserole, but I thought it was nice he helped cook.

These guys crack me up.

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  1. Ok, you have got to blow up and frame the one of them dancing. That has to be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Makes me a little teary. They are the greatest! Good job! :)