Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cat macros and my two monkeys

I am so stir crazy tonight that I am giving myself little assignments. One of these was to take pictures of my bedroom so I could a) blog about how I need to paint it and b) try to think of some things I could do with said bedroom. It's the last part of my house that isn't finished and it totally bugs me. Here's one pic... more about it to come. You can see it's a sad, sad room. Needs some help. No, I didn't even make my bed before I took this pic, or kick the cat off (see her ears in the bottom of the shot?). Ooh, and now you know I don't make the bed when I am home sick. *gasp*

I started messing around with the macro setting on my camera, and Marms the 800 year old cat was my test subject. So I present to you..... Cat macros. Poor Marmalade.
But you know who was really interested in having some pictures taken? Yeah. The monkeys.
We took some pictures that were kind of normal... I said kind of...And then we took some pictures of our eyes. Why? Don't ask me questions like that!

Then, we took SILLY pictures... Hank's natural state is with his tongue out.

I loaded them on the computer and then this one hit me right in the face... um, when did this monkey grow up?

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